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Harshita Dagha

Changing the world, one Word Headline Phrase Article Story At A Time.


Once we’ve had our “wowza” moment in a world of “meh” you’re all set to give the copy to a web or a graphic designer. I’ve some leads, in case you need them.


The most important stage is watching the paint dry. To avoid any abrasion between us (which happens most times in most freelancing setups), we ensure we work intimately with you through the revisions and the edits which may take time, but are of utmost importance.


After a lot of research, ideation and strategy, the finished draft is submitted for your perusal. Your feedback is acknowledged in this step and I share across my views on your feedback as well.


This is where we hit it off.
A 50 per cent advance deposit and a mutual agreement happens over an email and we start gardening your seed aka penning content to submit the first draft.


We can find out if we can put a ring on it by scheduling a 30-minute call to synchronize our understanding about your project’s breadth, goals, and timeline and my offerings.

This way, you can discern whether we’re the right fit for each other and I can gain a comprehensive understanding of your project.