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How it works

Sorry! I don’t do lengthy Lord-Of-The-Rings sized promises and no delivery.

Instead there’s a clean at-length process for you to read up.






Frequently Asked Questions

I've written for a variety of markets, including entertainment and lifestyle, tech and finance, wellness among others. I can research and write on a variety of subjects to meet your needs.

The size and difficulty of the project determine the fee. I provide fair rates that are competitive. Depending on your unique needs, I can offer a quote that is specifically tailored.

Understanding the project's needs, researching, developing an outline, and then producing the first draft are the initial steps in my writing process. After receiving the client's approval, I finalise the content to make sure it fulfils the brief to convey the intended message.

The length and intricacy of the content, the amount of research needed, and my existing workload all affect how quickly a content writing project may be completed. I work hard to meet deadlines while providing high-quality content.

Yes, upon request, I can give writing samples or examples of my prior work. To see examples of my writing style and experience, check out my website or portfolio.

Yes, I can perform keyword research and include SEO best practises in the content to raise its visibility and rating in search results. This may enhance your website's organic traffic.

Yes, I do give up to two content revisions and edits for free after delivery to make sure it lives up to your standards. I'll work with you to make any adjustments that are required till the final outcome is achieved.

I realise the value of confidentiality because of being I’ve been in the business of freelance content writing for years. I pledge to abide by professional ethics and sign an NDA if required in order to handle material with utmost confidentiality.

Ideally, I request for a portion of the total charge before commencing the project and only take payments made through safe channels such as bank transfers.

Be rest assured to find a handmade, very original, garnished with pure bliss, creativity and on-point finishing. Forget worrying about grammar, fluff, hallucinating & robotic AI tone and plagiarism.


We can find out if we can put a ring on it by scheduling a 30-minute call to synchronize our understanding about your project’s breadth, goals, and timeline and my offerings.

This way, you can discern whether we’re the right fit for each other and I can gain a comprehensive understanding of your project.


This is where we hit it off.
A 50 per cent advance deposit and a mutual agreement happens over an email and we start gardening your seed aka penning content to submit the first draft.


After a lot of research, ideation and strategy, the finished draft is submitted for your perusal. Your feedback is acknowledged in this step and I share across my views on your feedback as well.


The most important stage is watching the paint dry. To avoid any abrasion between us (which happens most times in most freelancing setups), we ensure we work intimately with you through the revisions and the edits which may take time, but are of utmost importance.


Once we’ve had our “wowza” moment in a world of “meh” you’re all set to give the copy to a web or a graphic designer. I’ve some leads, in case you need them.